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Sigma completes FF High Speed Prime series with the T1.5 105 mm

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At IBC 2018, Sigma introduced three additions to the FF High Speed Prime product line, the 28mm T1.5 FF, the 40mm T1.5 FF and the 105mm T1.5 FF. With that, they completed their product line, which now has a total of ten lenses in the range of 14 up to 135 millimeters focal length.

The Japanese manufacturer recently launched the first delivery of one of these lenses – the 105mm Prime with T1.5.


The FF High Speed Prime series from Sigma not only convinces photographers and filmmakers all around the world with its high resolution, but also with the high luminous intensity that is given and the compact uniform design with a mechanically identical lens base. All lenses are available with either EF, E or PL mount and can therefore be combined with all currently available full format cameras.

The FF High Speed Prime series from Sigma includes a total of 10 lenses:

14 mm T2 FF
20 mm T1,5 FF
24 mm T1,5 FF
28 mm T1,5 FF
35 mm T1,5 FF
40 mm T1,5 FF
50 mm T1,5 FF
85 mm T1,5 FF
105 mm T1,5 FF
135 mm T2 FF

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