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4 new hot DJI products live at CES 2015 in Las Vegas

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FOUR new hot DJI products live at CES 2015 in Las Vegas

Since the announcement of the Inspire 1, we wondered, will DJI continue to ignore bounderies and continue to inspire us. The answer is YES. AT CES, 2015, DJI introduced four new products: The DJI Zenmuse H4-3D Gimbal, the DJI Zenmuse A7S Gimbal, a DJI Ronin Wireless Thump controller and the DJI Inspire 1 Camera Mount!

At CES 2015, AF Marcotec was one of the first to get a Chance to test the new Inspire 1 Camera Mount that operated, what a surprise, the the Inspire 1, 4K camera that normaly is mounted on the Inspire 1. What does this Mount do? It makes the Inspire 1 drone’s flying 4K drone camera a stabilized handheld camera. Easy to operate and ready to shoot in seconds. The Inspire 1’s camera mount is actually a camera and gimbal. It is a motorized device that stabilizes the camera when moving. This is possible becasue the 4K camera of the Inspire 1 can be removed entirely from the drone. This means that the new Mount is a Must Have for everybody that owns an Inspire 1.

What impressed us most is that the camera grip of the Inspire 1 camera Mount has two modes of Operation: Like on the Inspire 1, the rotation of the camera can be locked to a specific point for smooth tracking shots. Number two is basically a follow mode which will allow you to do smooth panning shots. A Basic Feature, that is state of the art now a days is that you can your iPhone to view what you’re shooting, while also having complete control over your camera settings, like ISO, shutter Speed or white Balance for instance. A record button, is includes just like an internal microphone and an external mic input. The camera grip has a built-in battery for powering the camera!

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