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Insta360 ONE X

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The Insta360 One X is an action camera that captures fully automatically stabilized images in 5.7K resolution at 30 frames per second. But that’s not all – because with its two fisheye lenses with light intensity of 1: 2.0, the One X can record 360°-videos as well.

Special Features

Invisible Selfie Stick
Pair the ONE X with the optional invisible selfie stick and the stick is gone in an instant to make it look like the camera is “flying”.

HDR Mode
High dynamic range shooting means your footage stays true-to-life and true-to-light.

Drift Shot
With the optional drift accessory, the camera, protected by a rubber sheath, can be thrown to highlight epic moments from unique perspectives.

With the app you can highlight key moments with cinematic slow-mo, or speed things up with a stabilized hyperlapse.

Shoot first–point later
You can reframe the best parts of your shot, connect them with ultra-smooth camera movements and at the end add your favorite music and effects to finish it all up. With the One X App all of that will be easy. It supports both, iOS and Android devices.

Less waiting, more creating
You can transfer video files, edit and export. There is no need to stitch.

Shoot and transfer in a snap
Data transmission can be done over high-speed WiFi or wired.

Bullet Time
The ONE X pulls it off in stunning 3K@100fps and with a full 360° field of view.

Optional GPS Smart Remote
Record GPS data and track your journey with on-screen stats like speed, altitude and direction. Then, put your expeditions on the map with one-touch upload to Google Street View.

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