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Panther Dreamteam: Husky Dolly und Pixy Kran

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Panther entwickelt mit Hochdruck modernstes Equipment, das es ermöglicht, im Wettbewerb die Nase ganz vorn zu haben.

Testen Sie bei uns in DA-Griesheim:

– Panther Husky Dolly

– Trixy Remote System 4 – Drei Achsen, Handgriffsteuerung mit Zoom, Focus & Iris!

– Pixy Kran Version 1 – 7

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René Shoukier, joined AF Marcotec in 2008 and is our Managing Director with a strong passion for filmmaking and photography. He has a love for creativity and enjoys experimenting with various technicques in both print and web. Follow AF Marcotec on Twitter and get in touch with him and be sure to check out AF Marcotec on Facebook as well as Instagram, and Youtube.

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