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A.F. Marcotec stellt den Tornado remote Focus von Zacuto vor

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A.F. Marcotec stellt den Zacuto Tornado remote Focus

Learn from PROS like Vincent LaForet, Philip Bloom or Tom Guilmette how it feels like to wotk with the new Tornado Remote Focus with C300, Red Scarlet, Canon Eos Cinema or the Brand new Blackmagic 2.5K Cinema Camera. It’s unfortunate that the experience of trying the new Zacuto Tornado remote focus cannot be shared online. Mitch Anger, Tim Smith, Alan Rosenfeld, Sebastian Wöber or Stephen Goldlblatt, ASC were amazend just like Dan Chang, Den Lennie or Edi Schneider.

The Tornado is a real revolutionary device. Thumb focus it and adjust focus on your lens while resting your hand on the rig handle. This provides much more control and enables long lasting and accurate handheld shooting. Add to that the well balanced Recoil Rig Setup and you have a really good setup for “large” cameras. The transfer of the hand movement to the lens is direct and smooth. It works great on that Canon and Zeiss lenses.

Last but not least the Zacuto Recoil relocates the original Canon handgrip from the side of the camera down to the rig’s handgrip position so that you can start and stop the camera rolling just as if the handgrip were still on the camera.

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